PCA Products

We delivered a customer-focused marketing website that critically maintained their high rankings in google searches.


We partnered up with The W Partners to tackle PCA Products website redesign. PCA is a small manufacturing company that makes handcrafted aluminum screen doors. They have seen rapid growth over the last 5 years expanding their products into new markets. We carefully redesigned their website to ensure they maintained their high organic traffic, revitalized their image, and greatly improved the user experience (UX) to help guide visitors through their buying journey.

Services ProvidedStrategy, Web Design, Color Visualizer

Budget$30k - $50k


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The Problem

PCA's website traffic is paralleling their rapid business growth over the last 5 years and is extremely successful in generating traffic and leads. However, the site has been on cruise control with no strategic path or vision. We needed to establish them as a leader in the industry that effectively communicates their value proposition:

The last screen door you'll ever buy.

Deep HubSpot Integration

HubSpot is a great marketing automation platform–however, their content management system was not designed for a site PCA needed. PCA needed a content management system that was powerful and flexible enough to grow with their business.

Poor UX

The content was poorly organized and very hard for the visitor to find the information they were looking for. The product catalog was thin at best and didn't provide in-depth door descriptions or specifications. Users had to submit a contact form to find dealers in their area.

Dying Tech

The “Build My Enclosure” color visualizer was built on Flash, a dying unsupported technology that could only be used on desktop computers. Meaning, the application could not be used on tablets or mobile devices. It also only showcased products unique to the Florida market.

The Solution

Design and build a beautiful, effective, and customer-focused website that guides each of their core audiences through the buying process. Make it easy for homeowners to do their research and visualize what the door might look like on their home. Show contractors why they should be installing PCA screen doors. Inform dealers that they should be offering and stocking the highest quality screen doors. Educating architects that this is the last screen door they'll ever need to spec.

Comprehensive Site Migration

All website redesigns are daunting when trying to migrate content from one platform to another. It was critical for us to audit, map, redirect, and diligently migrate all the legacy website content from the HubSpot platform over to the new content management system. We created a script to crawl and scrape content from over 1200+ landing page that was critical to their local SEO strategy. We also dynamically 301 redirected all old URLs to maintain their search rankings.

Powerful & Flexible CMS

We knew PCA needed a powerful and flexible content management system (CMS) that was able to grow with their business and manage complex content types. The ability to create product rich pages, to manage a massive dealer network, allow to find where to buy, and to mesh all their content within different tools throughout the entire site. CraftCMS was the perfect tool for the job.

Integrated Dealer Locator

Managing a dealer network of over 850 dealers can be quite the cumbersome process, especially if it's a third-party tool. We decided to create a custom dealer locator tool that allows PCA to manage their massive dealer network and also ties those dealers into different functions of the website. We also streamlined the process for visitors to get the information as quickly as possible by geolocating their IP address and automatically listing dealers within proximity. If a visitor requests more information using the color visualizer tool we will automatically include dealers within their area with the confirmation email sent. All little details that make the difference.

Cutting Edge Visualizer

Breathing new life into a very effective tool and opening up the experience to more than just the Florida market was the goal. So how did we do that? First, we decided that the existing line drawings didn't allow users to fully visualize the craftsmanship of PCA screen doors. Luckily, Don and his team had renderings of their entire product catalog which streamlined the process of getting the necessary images needed for the tool. We then came up with a naming convention that allowed all the doors, sidelights, and sunbursts in product catalog to be synced to the color visualizer application. This allows them at the product level within the CMS to set rules and logic for colors, sidelights, sunbursts, and other accessories. PCA also has full control over the "scenes" and can edit or add new scenes on-demand without having to contact us. This was a very fun mini-project in of itself.

There is not a competitor site currently out in the market that compares to our new site. Not even the big name brands. It puts our customers first. Siebird has excellent vision and technical skills that guided us in achieving our sales and marketing goals.

PCA Products Don Yates | VP Sales & Marketing

The Results

The new customer-focused website curates a great experience that guides potential customers through every step of the buying processes. Little details are sprinkled throughout the site to make it an intuitive experience. Now a customer can visit the site, clearly find what they're looking for, browse PCA's screen door catalog with in-depth information, see how colors look on each door, get specifications, visualize how the door would look like on their home, and locate where to buy near them. A win-win for all.



$30k - $50k

Project Notables

  • Retained organic search traffic
  • Organic traffic increased 16%
  • Direct traffic increased 31%
  • Geolocated dealer searches
  • Cutting edge color visualizer
  • Blog pages increased 58%
  • Diversified call to actions
  • Minimized unnecessary inquiries

Screen Door Catalog Filtering Demo

To make the experience as rich as possible, we wanted visitors to be able to visualize door colors directly in place without having to click through to see details. We also added filtering on the catalog page as PCA has over 70 doors which can be quite cumbersome to browse through. The goal–add as many little details over the entire site that guides the visitor to help make a purchasing decision.