Our Process

Before you can soar, your site needs a strategy. Our proven delivery platform takes the guesswork out of web development and places the focus where it should be: on results. Our strategic 5 step process guides development of a sites structure, content, and design. This process consists of the following steps: Discover, Design, Develop, Debug and Deliver. Browse our tightly focused process below:

  1. Discover

    We work closely with clients to understand their business – and their key challenges in order to deliver valuable content to visitors.

    • Business goals & objectives
    • Site requirements
    • Information architecture evaluation
    • Flowchart exercises
    • Wire framing iterations


    • Sketch
    • Sitemap
    • Wireframe
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  2. Design

    We leverage our creativity to create a visually arresting site that focuses on engaging the visitor.

    • Creative direction
    • Interface design
    • Graphical production services
    • First Comp
    • Revised Comp
    • Final Comp
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  3. Develop

    We hatch the best solutions, customizing each site’s structure, messaging and functionality to meet client needs.

    • Hand code HTML/CSS
    • Content management integration
    • Custom web apps
    • Hand Code
    • CMS Home
    • CMS Entry Screen
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  4. Debug

    We thoroughly troubleshoot and tweak, removing browser inconstancies to ensure an exceptional user experience any platform.

    • Cross platform & browser testing
    • Content management debugging
    • Cross Browser Testing
    • CMS Debugging
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  5. Deliver

    Siebird goes live with a smooth launch – one that puts your business on a glide-path toward success.

    • Help manage your mission and goals
    • Analytics and metrics
    • Deployment consulting
    • Deployed Site
    • Site Analytics
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