May 17, 2016

Why every manufacturing website should generate leads

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The goal of a corporate website, regardless of the industry, is to generate a return on investment. Some manufacturing websites fail to achieve that goal, usually due to poor digital marketing strategies and tactics.

Why every manufacturing website should generate leads

The goal of a corporate website, regardless of the industry, is to generate a return on investment. Some manufacturing websites fail to achieve that goal, usually due to poor digital marketing strategies and tactics.

Are You Ready for a Manufacturing Website Redesign?

If your company website isn't generating traffic and leads for your sales team, you need to evaluate your options when going through a website redesign process. An effective manufacturing website redesign can have an extremely positive impact on your revenue for the coming year.

1. Your Website Should Follow Latest Design Trends.

Even a conservative manufacturing company can design an attention-grabbing website that encourages visitors to explore. You may prefer a clean design, but don't think your site must be boring, since the right colors, imagery and layout can produce a beautiful website that performs well and can convert strangers into customers.

2. Intuitive Site Navigation

If it's easy for visitors to find what they need on your website, they'll tend to stay and return. Put yourself in your prospects' shoes: What type of information do they want, and how will they try to get to it? The more clearly you define a "buyer persona," the more effective you'll be at designing your website for use by real prospects and customers. Think about how to best organize the site's information; for example, it might be easier for your visitors to go to a page that lists all the products you manufacture for the tree trimming industry rather than visit six different pages to see all the equipment a tree trimming firm might need.

3. Make Your Website Search Engine Friendly

Before you write or update content for your new design, research which keyword phrases you'd like to focus on for search engines like Google and Bing. Your website won't be found by the search engines just because it exists online. Websites rise in the search engine rankings when they offer fresh, dynamic and engaging content that utilizes effective keyword phrases. It's also important to note that according to Google, more searches are done on mobile devices than on desktop computers, meaning that many of your visitors will expect to be able to use their mobile devices to easily navigate your website. Use responsive web design to accommodate your visitors, and Google will rank your website higher in mobile searches.

4. Provide Engaging and Useful Content

Users are growing accustomed to websites that use content marketing as an inbound marketing tool. Your prospects often evaluate your company based on how effectively you can illustrate your expertise and how well you help them by answering their questions before they ask. Provide helpful, resourceful information throughout your entire site, and for an extra boost, use call to actions to convert visitors into leads with content offers like ebooks, white papers, guides, webinars, or interactive tools (calculators, color visualizers, etc.).

5. Use Effective Landing Pages and Calls to Action

Many of your visitors will reach your home page first, so treat your home page as a "landing page" by avoiding the urge to use the page to tell your company's life story. Make your company's message clear, and include content offers with calls to action, such as an offer for a free sample or free report. Consider other pages your visitors will likely reach first, and make sure you've identified one thing you want a visitor to do before leaving that page.

What's Your Next Step?

If your website isn't generating leads, your next step should be to find a B2B marketing agency that offers effective website redesign services. As experts in manufacturing website redesign, we want to help you create an effective Internet presence, so take advantage of our expertise by contacting us today!

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